This is only the tip of the back-alley abortions

One thing that you can always count on from human beings is that when you remove every available option, they will find new and creative options to meet their needs. Case and point is a 23 year old woman that used medication obtained on the Internet to cause herself to have an abortion.

[Kenlissia] Jones was arrested Saturday after a county social services worker called police to a hospital, according to an Albany police report. A hospital social worker told police that Jones said she had taken four pills she purchased over the Internet “to induce labour” because she and her boyfriend had broken up.

This might seem like an extreme case, but as the extreme goes, so follows the normal. As long as we prevent women from exercising their reproductive choices, problems like this will surely follow.


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I am a writer of words, a thinker of thoughts, a changer of genders, and a queerer of life. I am an antagonist of the ordinary; and while I do tolerate it, I also look at it with contempt.

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