Here’s why justice demands marriage equality

The people that want to vote on marriage equality or leave the decision up to the state legislatures are mistaken. While I realize that people don’t like change, it is important that people are treated equally. Equality is built into the Constitution of the United States as well as several of the Constitutional Amendments.

But [Loving v. Virginia] is also important because it debunks a key argument the states defending their discriminatory marriage laws have made to the court in Obergefell, namely, that marriage equality for same-sex couples should be decided by state voters or state legislatures. According to defenders of these laws, the “democratic process,” not the courts, should determine the issue. This argument is wrong—in our system of federalism, the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and the fundamental rights of minorities are not subject to a majority vote. Loving is an excellent example of why.

I realize that many Christians believe that marriage has been the same for thousands of years (it hasn’t), or that we need to keep it from changing now (we don’t); but some people are thinking backwards about the idea. It is incorrect to come to a conclusion first then try to find a reason for that conclusion. The reason that marriage equality is important is that in America, all people are created equal with each having the same rights and responsibilities. That is the basic premise out of which marriage equality flows.


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