Updated Training Of Birth Control Counselors Boosts Use Of IUDs | KGOU

It is a shame that IUDs are currently getting such a bad image among many people. They are actually quite effective

The most effective reversible birth control methods are hormonal implants and intrauterine devices. Less than 1 percent of women using these long-acting contraceptive methods will become pregnant over the course of a year. That’s compared to 9 percent of women using the pill who will get pregnant, and to 18 percent of women whose partners use a condom.

But aside from the misinformation about IUDs, what is keeping them from being used more frequently?

Harper says a major barrier for many women in choosing an IUD or implant was cost. IUDs can cost up to $1,000. But they actually are more cost-effective than other methods over time, since their effectiveness lasts for years.

IUDs aren’t for everyone, but for the people that want them, we should make sure they have access to them.



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