Penultimate procrastination

I’m on the next to the last scene in the story I have been writing. Now is when some of my worst writing anxieties begin to manifest. What if the ending isn’t worthy of the story? Will the story feel like a letdown? Maybe I should take a break and think of a better story.

Penultimate procrastination is tightly linked to ultimate anxiety; what I feel during the last scene. Taken together, they seem to form a fear of finishing. It is the time when the fun begins to drain out of the story and the worry leaks in taking its place.

Knowing what is happening might be half the battle, but the battle still remains. One thing that I feel I have to change at this point is my strategy. Fears have to be put to the side and fingers have to press forward. Doubt can’t be addressed, uncertainty has to be isolated, and lethargy must be laid aside until the final words are written.

Now is the time to push forward. Now is the time to write the final few thousand words, take a break, and only then worry about the what, if anything, needs to be changed in the story.


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I am a writer of words, a thinker of thoughts, a changer of genders, and a queerer of life. I am an antagonist of the ordinary; and while I do tolerate it, I also look at it with contempt.

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