God of Sex

Content Warning! Irrational dream with no structure and no satisfactory conclusion. Read at your own risk. Oh, and ideas about sex and the violence aimed at it.

I had the strangest, most wonderful dream.

A god, I think of them as the god of sex, arrived in the world. Truly, man was created in their image, but it wasn’t a complete image. The god had a vagina in front and a penis in the back. They had small breasts and a relatively short haircut. Their intention seemed to be to have sex with humanity however humanity preferred to have sex. The only question seemed to be how you wanted to have sex with them.

There were also people that were trying to kill the god, but they only seemed to succeed in killing people that weren’t afraid of the god. There was a small hospital where people were treated after they were attacked for their desire to be with the god. The god went to the hospital to be with their people. The fearful people, riding in Jeeps, circled the hospital. They had hunting rifles, handguns, knives, and makeshift weapons. Their intent on destruction was clear.

The god retreated to a connected one-floor hotel to be with their people. Most of the people, while remaining loyal, were fearful. They would support the god, but not the job of the god. A few people were able to move passed their fear and were willing to embrace the god even if it meant death by the deranged people outside.

My alarm went off at this point and I had to go to work. I realize that his is just a crazy dream with no conclusion and little detail, but it also fascinates me. Perhaps this androgynous god will find their way into one of my stories.


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I am a writer of words, a thinker of thoughts, a changer of genders, and a queerer of life. I am an antagonist of the ordinary; and while I do tolerate it, I also look at it with contempt.

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