LGB careful what you wish for

I am extremely pleased to see that the “Drop the T” movement is not only failing to gain traction, it is also experiencing a backlash from the LGBT community. It is my firm hope that we have learned our lesson from taking a divided stand in the past. No one wins if we stand divided. Not only does no one win, but after one divided faction is defeated, the other factions are weaker and more vulnerable to attack.

The sexual imagination of the majority seems to be running amok. It appears that their frenzied imagination has decided that everyone is having sex everywhere, and they weren’t invited. No longer do they have to take a part time job as a pizza delivery person and hope to get lucky. Now they are sure that there is sex in every office, subway, janitor’s closet, and stock room on the planet.

It probably started innocently enough for them. They were standing at the urinal, peeing, when someone took the urinal beside them. Their eyes seemed to have a mind of their own. They glanced over and saw someone else’s penis and they realized – had they been in the ladies room – they would have had an instant reaction, causing themselves to pee all over the wall and ceiling. “My God!” they realized. The women’s bathroom must be a veritable urine stained orgy of sexual promiscuity. No one could withstand the siren call of the vagina.

Let’s imagine for a moment how the “bathroom bill” promoter’s strategy might play out over time. Currently they are pushing the idea that trans women aren’t really women, and trans men aren’t really men. They are insisting that trans women are actually men that have some kind of sexual interest in the people they find themselves in the restroom with. The same is true, of course, for trans men, but few men worry about the siren call of the penis in their bathroom. After all, no matter how often they have waggled their penises around, no one has ever climbed inside their bathroom stall and attacked them. Instead, their fears play on stereotypes of trans men and trans women that are not only inaccurate, but insulting and hateful as well.

Do you know what group has a larger percentage of people more interested in having sex with women that trans women? Lesbians.

And along those same lines, do you know what group has a larger percentage of people more interested in having sex with men than trans men? Gay men.

Link: Transgender Sexuality. Link: Trans people and sexual orientation.

So the idea that someone might be sexually attracted to a different person in the same bathroom should be incredibly problematic to any subcategory of the LGBTQ community. If trans men and trans women can be seen as sexual predators interested in peeking at people while they poop (gross, I know), then those same arguments are even more powerful against the people that forthrightly admit that they are sexually attracted to people that use the same restroom as themselves.

Eventually, if the “bathroom bill” fear mongers are allowed to have their way, no one will be allowed to use the bathroom except cissexual, full binary, heterosexual people with opposite sex attractions only. And I imagine, in an attempt to make the bathroom monitor’s job easier, we’ll have to describe our favorite porn so the monitor can guarantee that we won’t see anything like that inside the bathroom. Heaven help you if you’re a man that likes something other than lesbian porn or a woman that likes something other than gay male porn. Although I guess they might allow you in if you were only interested in Animal Planet or Wild Kingdom.

If the people that would like to deny all of us our rights are allowed to fracture our community into its constituent parts then we all become more vulnerable to the tyranny of those that would deny our existence as human beings. That is a basic truth whether we are fighting for racial equality, gender equality, bodily autonomy, marriage equality, or any other right that needs protected from the majority’s disapproval.

Please help the trans community stand up against the people mislabeling equal rights as “bathroom bills”. We should all ask that they will keep their personal pornographic peccadilloes in their own minds and out of our lives.


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I am a writer of words, a thinker of thoughts, a changer of genders, and a queerer of life. I am an antagonist of the ordinary; and while I do tolerate it, I also look at it with contempt.

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