Non-Trump States

The further we move into the primary season, the more valuable the polls will become. While they will be their most valuable after the Democrats and Republicans actually select their respective candidates, they can at least begin to tell us something right now. And the something that the polls are telling us is that – baring some kind of unforeseen incident – the Republican nominee will be Donald Trump.

There are plenty of states still in play, and there could easily be upsets along the way, but the polling as of now looks rather significant when viewed from the point of view of states Donald Trump leads (or has already won) versus states where he currently trails (or has already lost).

non-trump states

In addition to this, the Republican voters seem to be shrugging off anything that the Republic hierarchy is throwing at Mr. Trump. Sample polling seems to indicate that the speech given by Mitt Romney had either no effect or perhaps the opposite effect than the Republican National Committee expected.

It will be at least March 16th before there will a significant volume of data that might change this map. Just remember, the further we go into the primary season, the less delegates will be free to raise a different candidate to the frontrunner position.


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