The cakes are baked

Or the geese are cooked. Despite how you look at it, some kind of culinary metaphor seems fitting.

With Ted Cruz and John Kasich ending their bid to become the Republican nominee, the slight chance of Donald Trump losing the nomination have vanished. At the same time, the Democratic nomination has been finished for a while now.

The only thing left to be done on the Democratic side is for the news media to move on to a different story. It could take the media a while to find a story better than the Democratic nomination process. After all, the media has a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week schedule to fill and very little other news to generate the interest that is necessary to fill the dead air. That makes the Democratic “horse race” – even if it is as firmly decided as the Republican nominating race – the only game remaining in town.

It is still too early for the general election polling to have all that much value. Granted, it will give some indications of what each candidate will need to do between now and November, but these will be slow, plodding changes that won’t excite many people’s interest for several months now.

I am going to try to take advantage of this lull in the political storm to begin gathering the information necessary to complete my general election model.


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