May 8 2016 articles

The following are articles that I have read that have caught my interest today:

Women, primarily, and other minorities risk their health and lives by going to Catholic affiliated hospitals without knowing the rules that the Catholic church enforces within their facilities

Report: hundreds of US hospitals follow Catholic rules on reproductive care

Conservative leaning think tank indicates that it would be disastrous if we were to deport undocumented workers and prevent any undocumented people from entering the United States.

The Labor and Output Declines from Removing All Undocumented Immigrants – AAF

Various tobacco companies lobbied for more lenient legislation from congress. They primarily supported the Republican party, but the law that stands in their way was passed in 2009.

Tobacco companies lost the fight against new e-cigarette regulations — in 2009 | OpenSecrets Blog

Google, one of the primary maintainers of the Android operating system as well as the leader in search and advertising knows a lot about you. If you want to know what Google thinks it knows about you, here are the directions.

How to find out everything Google knows about you

Despite how unconventional Donald Trump’s candidacy has been, he has some strengths in places that might ultimately help him. The following are some places where – if he does really well – he could actually win the Presidency.

Trump’s map: Where he needs to win | TheHill

Donald Trump wants to use business ideas to help cut the National Debt. The problem is that the ideas that work in business would be disastrous for the economy. The New York Times explains why.

Donald Trump’s Idea to Cut National Debt: Get Creditors to Accept Less – The New York Times

There are varying opinions on how much damage Donald Trump will do to the traditionally conservative Republican party. Because of this, leaders of the party are applying different tactics to their support of him.

How Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell took such different approaches to supporting Donald Trump

Some of the Republican party leaders view the party as the victim of a hostile takeover by Donald Trump. Many have already tried to reject him. Can the Republican party remain intact with the growing “America First” movement combined with a lack of leadership at the top?

Republican Party Unravels Over Trump’s Takeover

Just who are the traditional Republican party thought leaders that seem to despise Donald Trump? Here are the 10 Republican supporters that dislike him the most.

The 10 Republicans who hate Donald Trump the most

One thing that is going to help Donald Trump during the general election is that he won’t have to worry about the Trump University until after the election is over. What happens after that will depend on which candidate is the victor.

Judge delays Trump University trial – POLITICO

Bernie Sanders has been complaining about the Democratic superdelegates almost since he entered the race. He now has a problem: He didn’t win the popular vote for the Democratic nominee, he didn’t win the most delegates, and now he can’t win enough delegates even if Hillary Clinton was no longer in the race. In short, he needs some of those superdelegates to win.

Sanders’ problem: To win, he needs Clinton’s superdelegates

Amy Walter, David Wasserman and Charlie Cook update their list of states and which party they lean toward. It isn’t good news for the Republicans.

New Electoral Scorecard Ratings in 13 States



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