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Most national businesses are against the prejudice and fear that is currently spreading through the Target boycott.

To The Homophobes Boycotting Target’s Transgender Bathroom Policy

Sally Kern, one of the people I am most embarrassed to share the state of Oklahoma with, will be forced to retire due to term limits. We are so happy to see her go that we are throwing a party.

LGBT group uses Sally Kern’s exit from the Legislature to raise funds – Tulsa World: News

Judge Roy Moore, the Alabama Supreme Court justice, is has been suspended again. He has been removed from holding a seat on the Alabama Supreme Court before, and it looks like it might happen again.

Alabama’s top judge suspended after blocking gay marriage |

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory found himself in a real pickle. He and the legislature pushed through a prejudice law in 12 hours, and now he can’t find a way out of it. Even though they pushed it through in 12 hours, he now says that 5 days isn’t enough time to fully consider it. He is currently at risk of being eaten by the monster that he created in an attempt to devour trans people.

North Carolina Governor Won’t Concede That Transgender Law Is Biased – The New York Times

It’s difficult to tell exactly who Fox News is trying to attack in one of their latest pieces: Planned Parenthood or trans people. They seem to believe that if they can jam two things that Republicans fear together, they can create a super boogeyman.

Fox News Misinforms on Planned Parenthood’s Services to Trans People |


The United States is obsessed with diets. The problem is that, scientifically, they don’t work. Here are some facts about diets, weight loss, staying healthy, eating properly that you should consider before you try your next diet.

Why You Can’t Lose Weight on a Diet –

I’ll admit that I love the idea of e-cigarettes. I used them to stop smoking traditional cigarettes; then, by removing nicotine from them, I was able to stop smoking completely. I have been smoke free for several years now. But e-cigarettes aren’t without their own risk. They are absolutely a dangerous, perhaps even more so, than traditional cigarettes – especially around young children.

Study says e-cigarette poisonings surge in young children – Sarasota News | and ABC 7: Domestic

Republican politics

As the news media fights the Republican idea of bias, mainstream media, they have become so timid that they are afraid to call out proven lies when they are told. This has allowed Donald Trump to not only tell a lie on one show, but to repeatedly tell the same lie on show after show, week after week, month after month.

Few stand in Trump’s way as he piles up the Four-Pinocchio whoppers – The Washington Post

One of the problems with the news media is that they insist on a narrative that the people of the United States are in the center, while the Republicans and Democrats are each an equal distance from the center. If the Republicans are extreme, then the Democrats must be equally as extreme. This narrative insured that most of them missed how extreme the Republican party came over the last several election cycles. And by denying how extreme the Republican party had become, they missed the very real outcome of the rise of Donald Trump.

Reminder: How The Media Missed The Trump Surge

Donald Trump continues to reveal that he has no plan, strategy, or idea where the United States should go in the future. Everyone’s personal future seems to be nothing more than negotiating fodder. There seems to be little wonder why both major parties see him as a loose cannon and doubt whether he will ultimately hurt or help the United States if he were to be elected.

Trump: ‘Taxes for the rich will go up somewhat’ –

Donald Trump seems to believe that he is so popular that he has no real use for the Republican Party. Sure, it would be good if they were to unite behind him, but if they don’t he is sure that he can win without them.

Donald Trump’s clash with GOP establishment deepens –

At the end of almost any political contest there are people who are unwilling to unite behind the winner – at least for a little while. This began to change when President Obama was elected. No longer was it even necessary to stand behind the duly elected President of the United States. Primary contests are no different. For a while, the people that backed other candidates often say that they will not vote for the winner in the general election only to change their mind as the election gets nearer. Will Donald Trump break the Republican party in a way where they can not unite behind him. It at least becomes a possibility since many of the former presidential nominees and Presidents are unwilling to stand behind him; at least for now.

Donald Trump breaks the GOP – POLITICO

Paul Ryan is one of those leaders that is unwilling to stand with Donald Trump – at least for the moment.

Donald Trump’s Warning to Paul Ryan Signals Further G.O.P. Discord – The New York Times

We are also waiting to see the reaction of another person that carried sway with a portion of the Republican party. Ted Cruz, who was recently defeated in the primary election, will be returning to the Senate. Will he take comfort in the Senate and his fellow senators? Will he continue to alienate a large portion of the Republican party? Will he eventually throw his weight behind Donald Trump even after Trump attacked him, his wife, and his father on so many personal levels that are usually taboo to use in elections?

Ted Cruz at a Crossroads as He Returns to the Senate – The New York Times

John McCain has endorsed Donald Trump for President. That might hurt him if Donald Trump goes down in flames during the general election. On the plus side, John McCain is still popular with the electorate of Arizona. But Arizona’s demographics are changing. John McCain could, potentially, have a difficult time getting reelected if he isn’t able to walk a fine line between the old Republican establishment, the new Republican demagoguery of Donald Trump, and the growing Democratic population in his state.

In Arizona Senate Race, McCain Contends With Trump’s Influence – WSJ

No one really doubted this. The Republicans aren’t worried about serving the President and the rest of the United States. They seem to be only interested in getting someone on the Supreme Court that they can guarantee thinks like they do. As their prospects of winning the Presidency dim, they are more and more likely to confirm the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. If that happens, the question then becomes whether the Democrats will wait for Hillary Clinton to nominate someone that will agree more with the Democratic opinions.

Republican Senator Admits GOP Will Confirm Obama SCOTUS Nominee If Trump Loses

Now that the Republican nominating process is essentially over; Ted Cruz, along with several other people, will play the guessing game of what they could have done different to win the nomination. It looks like the first salvo will be to blame Marco Rubio.

Cruz campaign: We could have stopped Trump if Rubio became running mate –

Democratic politics

President Obama, in trying to prevent any undue influence on the Democratic nomination process, has been avoiding siding with either nominee. That hasn’t stopped him from targeting Donald Trump when possible. Expect this to escalate as he continues to protect his legacy and keep the White House in Democratic hands.

Obama itches for Trump fight | TheHill

Many of the Democrats and happy that Donald Trump has won the Republican nomination. Hillary Clinton might be a weak opponent, but Donald Trump is currently so hated that the electoral map looks better for the Democrats than it has in years – if not decades.

Clinton-Trump election could ‘scramble’ traditional electoral map, experts say | US news | The Guardian

Wall Street and the financial sector has been leaning toward the Republicans over the last several election cycles. This year, they seem to be so afraid of the potential changes that Trump would make that they are beginning to support Hillary Clinton. The one thing that the financial sector can’t stand is uncertainty. With Donald Trump being the loose cannon that he is, uncertainty is they only thing that they can rely on from him.

Financial Sector Gives Hillary Clinton a Boost – WSJ

While older, married women have backed Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary, married women generally vote more for Republicans. This year, with so many women feeling alienated by Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton is hoping to gain the support of more married women and secure even more general election support.

For Clinton, the general election is about married women. Starting in swing state Virginia. – The Washington Post

The farther ahead of Donald Trump Hillary Clinton can get, the better it could be for candidates further down the ticket. If Republicans stay home because they don’t feel like they can vote for Donald Trump, that could leave other Republicans down the ballot vulnerable to the Democrats that go out to vote.

Democrats Hope Trump Expands Their Senate Map | RealClearPolitics

And finally, after listening to Bernie Sanders and his supporters claiming that Hillary Clinton isn’t progressive, here are some of the reasons why she clearly lines up with the progressive section of the population.

Hillary Clinton Is A Progressive Democrat, Despite What You May Have Heard



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