Clinton vs Trump: May 16 – June 22, registered voters

It’s still too early to do any real number crunching on the United States general election. There aren’t a lot of polls out, and the ones that are out are subject to dramatic change as time goes by. With that in mind, the only thing I am looking at right now is the overall mood of the United States.

I have used the data available from Huffington Post Polster to compile a list of registered voters’ preferences. The best this chart can do is give a general feeling of the way people are thinking of voting right now. To make the data easier to interpret, I have included trend lines into the graph.


While Hillary Clinton gets a larger percentage of the registered voters in virtually every poll, the numbers are still quite close. It should also be noted that because of the high initial polling at around 173 days until the election, the trend line could easily change directions for Donald Trump in the upcoming weeks when I update the date range.


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