What gun advocates should do

Niki, a blogger at The Orbit network, has an article about How to Speak to Your “Anti-Gun” Friends. For anyone that supports firearms — of any kind — it is well worth the read just to make sure that we aren’t being assholes to others.

Side note: Why is it important to not be an asshole? The long answer would require a full essay, or book. The short answer is that, eventually, gun control will be passed in some form. It would be better to have the best possible legislation instead of a law that is ineffective while making life miserable for the average American gun owner.

While I love Niki’s writing in general, this is what she said that really caught my attention:

D) Shooting down (HA!) people’s demands for action because of their lack of knowledge or whatever. If you have the knowledge, use it. SOME THING has to change, and it’s better to make some damn suggestions now than to wait until us “scaredy cats” push some sort of regs that make you roll your eyes and call us “stupid”.

I think her statement is exactly right. She might not know (or she might) the difference between an assault rifle and an assault weapon. Semiautomatic, selective fire, burst mode, and full automatic might be completely irrelevant to her. What matters to them is that firearms that are, seemingly, designed specifically to kill people are falling into the hands of people with the intent to kill large numbers of people relatively fast.

This must stop.

If we actually want gun control to work (and we do. No one wants terrorists or mass murders to have firearms) then we need to put or knowledge on the table to help solve the problem instead of denigrating the people who are determined to make a change. We all should be working together to make the best change possible instead of putting our fingers in our ears (or putting on our hearing protection) and hoping that whatever change people come up just happens to be right.


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