Clinton’s lead vs Obama’s lead

It is difficult to get a grip on exactly how out unusual this election season is. Donald Trump is failing in ways that haven’t been seen in recent history. He has tried several times to put his campaign on a more competitive path, but he has failed to close the gap between himself and Hillary Clinton as of this time.

To try to gain a better perspective on exactly how well Hillary Clinton is doing, I have made two charts. The first chart is Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump from March 1, 2016 through August 20, 2016 — the last date that I have polling data. The second chart covers how well President Obama did during same time period four years prior.

160822 Clinton lead

160822 Obama lead

These two graphs are identical in their setup. The only difference is that President Obama’s lead was from the same time period exactly four years earlier.

It Hillary Clinton can maintain this type of lead over the next 80 days, she will have accomplished the greatest victory since Ronald Reagan’s landslide victory.


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