An easy way to compare the presidential candidates

Electoral Vote just posted a link to a website that compares the different positions held by the presidential candidates. It is an amazing list. There are enough positions there to get a really good sense of where your particular candidate stands. has a website that lists an enormous amount of information about where each of the candidates stand with respect to various issues. The issues are broken down into the following general categories:

  • Crime and Justice
  • Economy and Taxes
  • Education
  • Elections
  • Energy
  • Foreign Policy
  • Guns / Second Amendment
  • Health Care, Abortion, and End of Life Issues
  • Immigration
  • Labor and Wages
  • Marijuana and Alcohol
  • Military and War on Terror
  • Race
  • Science and Environment
  • Sex and Gender

Under the above headings, the site is broken down into an even greater number of policy questions that they track. If you want to be an informed voter, take a little time and see exactly how each of the candidates stands on the issues.

For me, Hillary Clinton isn’t a perfect match for my positions, but she is close enough that I can happily support her candidacy. Granted, I wish we agreed with more issues, but I believe that her stances are the best of all the candidates for the United States’ prosperity.

What do you think of the candidates’ positions. Are their any deal breakers on the list for you? Any that are so important the you must support a particular candidate? Let me know in the comments.


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