The zen of a clacky keyboard and the software I use to achieve it

My mother was a professional typist during the formative years of my youth. By day she worked as a typist, and at night, she had her own typewriter for freelance typing. That was back in a time when typewriters were considered business machines, and they had the cost to go along with the reputation.

I grew up listening to the clickety clack that went along with putting words on paper using a IBM Selectric typewriter.

IBM Selectric typewriter via Wikipedia

Even though the typewriter was becoming outdated, when I was old enough, I was allowed to practice my typing skills on that typewriter.

To this day, I still love to hear the sound of a typewriter clacking away as I press the keys. The sound puts me in a kind of zen writing mood. But of course, very few computer keyboards actually have a typing sound associated with them. At best, most keyboards have a mechanical sound that the company does everything in its power to minimize.

Enter ClicKey from Gibson Research Corporation. Steve Gibson, the owner of Gibson Research Corporation might not be well known outside of the computer security field. His claim to fame is a different program SpinRite — hard disk maintenance, repair, and recovery software. While you might not have heard of him, he is a legend in the computer hardware and software community.

The people that buy SpinRite supply Mr. Gibson with all the income he needs to make a living. What makes him so great from a writer’s perspective — aside from software that will keep you from losing your writing — is that when something annoys him about a computer, he has a tendency to fix it and share that fix with the rest of the world for free. That is what he did with ClicKey.

You can read about why he created ClicKey at his site: ClicKey. You can also download the tiny piece of software that will allow you to use one of twenty-six different sound effects for you keyboard.

I have tried other pieces of software to give my keyboard that clacking sound that I so admire. Of all that I have tried, this is the best one that I have found. The fact that it is freeware that was created by one of the leaders in the computer industry is just a bonus.


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3 thoughts on “The zen of a clacky keyboard and the software I use to achieve it”

    1. Storymedic, you are quite welcome. While it requires following directions to install ClicKey instead of just double clicking on it, the little program is the best that I have found for giving me the sound I wanted out of my laptop’s keyboard.

      If you have any problems installing it, let me know. If needed, I will provide instructions for Windows 10 (if that would be of help for anyone).

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      1. I just installed and found the perfect sound. It’s old school, and I already feel it enhancing my concentration. People who release stuff like this for free have my utmost respect, and I also respect you for bringing this to my attention. You have a good night, Marisa, and as I type this, I feel more authentic. Great software! Now, if only USB typewriter keyboards could become an affordable thing. Can you imagine?

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