Electoral College as of October 21, 2016

The Presidential debates are over.

We can all sit back and breathe a sigh of relief — especially if you are a Hillary Clinton supporter. Hillary Clinton has come out on top in all three of the presidential debates.

Here is my view on how the electoral college looks as of right now.

Electoral Vote as of Oct. 21, 2016

And here is a link to the above map located at 270towin.com.

There are still two states that are so close that I consider them to be tossups: Arizona and Ohio. It is also clear that Hillary Clinton doesn’t need either of these states to win the election. Without either Arizona or Ohio, I project that Hillary Clinton will win 323 electoral votes. If that is accurate, that would give her 53 more electoral votes than necessary to win.

Arizona and Ohio

What will be interesting to see is how Arizona and Ohio play out over the coming weeks. During each debate Donald Trump has seemed to dig himself into a deeper hole with the American voters, and the third debate wasn’t an exception to his failures. In addition to Donald Trump’s mistakes, Hillary Clinton continued to eviscerate Donald Trump instead of playing it safe.

While virtually every outlet and polling organization shows that Hillary Clinton won the last debate. If the debate actually helps her instead of just coming off as neutral, then I suspect that both Arizona and Ohio will end up voting for Hillary Clinton as well.

If Hillary Clinton were to gain both Arizona and Ohio, then the electoral vote total would be 352 to 186.

Could other states change hands?

As to whether other states could change hands, it is looking less and less likely since we are simply running out of time for there to be much change. While anything can happen in just over two weeks, it is unlikely that anything will happen that will significantly alter the current alignment of states outside of Arizona and Ohio.


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