Still can’t process this election

Donald Trump has won the election.

One of the things that I have heard is about how Democrats are now in one of the five stages of grief. I don’t know if it is true for everyone, but it is true for me. But there are other emotions raging other than denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance; for me, there is also fear.

The road to the future has never been smooth. Often, the road to the future is bumpy and filled with U-turns. And it is in those U-turns that my fear lies. We as a nation had been making so much progress on various fronts. LGBTQ rights — while far from complete — were advancing, healthcare was becoming a reality for those at the lower end of the economic spectrum, people were beginning to believe that we were damaging our planet through the use of fossil fuel, and a plethora of other small steps toward progress. Now, I fear that all the progress that has been made will be undone.

But the thing that I fear the most is the people that brought this tragedy upon the United States. Donald Trump made no secret of whom he was when he was running for President. His sexism, narcissism, exclusionism, incompetence, and general hatred of others was right out in the open for everyone to see. His lies and falsehoods were so outrageous that even the fact checkers had trouble keeping up with them. And yet this is the person selected by the enough people to become the next President of the United States.

The realization that there are enough people to willing to hurt every non-white, non-straight, non-cis, non-rich, non-male has returned to me the fear that I used to feel around others.

Today I weep for myself, my country, my neighbors, and everyone else that suddenly wonders whether our country will continue to welcome us.


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I am a writer of words, a thinker of thoughts, a changer of genders, and a queerer of life. I am an antagonist of the ordinary; and while I do tolerate it, I also look at it with contempt.

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